Incredible Astami

My Day Today on Astami (Durga Puja’s third day)

4:34 pm: Left my house, took my cousin sister, got on our car

4:__pm: Reached the first pandal (BJ Block puja association):

5:__pm: Reached the second pandal:

5:__pm: Dropped my cousin sister at our house

5:__pm: Asked the chauffeur yo drop us at the Underground Rail station

5:__pm: Traveled six stations up

6:__pm: Saw two pandals (66 Pally, Aghrani)

6:__pm: Drank a can of RedBull

6:__pm: Kept Walking

6:__pm: Saw another pandal (Chetla Aghrani)

7:__pm: Kept walking

8:__pm: Stood in queue for another pandal (Deshapriya park)

Deshapriya Park was a pandal whose murti has 1000 hands of the Durga instead of the traditional 10. People flocked to visit it.

9:__pm: Saw Deshapriya Park (Didn’t get a clear shot in the crowd)

10:__pm: Hopped on a Underground Train

10:__pm: Saw some other pandals:

11:__pm: Reached home



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