Durga Puja- Mahasaptami

Durga Pujor preeti ‘o subhhechha!

The Durga Puja – Tradition, Heart and Soul of the Bengalis or Bangalis.

The Durga Puja is celebrated all over West Bengal, India and the World.  This is celebrated over five days.  The first, yesterday, was Mahasasthi when we invite Goddess Durga from the heavens and the day when the Puja begins. Pandals or Canopies are made, where the Goddess stays for the five days.  Purohits greet her with all the rituals (seen in the featured image, in yellow).  Today, Mahasaptami, is when it all begins: Competition between clubs, Themes everywhere, And of course Greetings.

Here is the Gallery of all the Pandals I have seen so far:


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