Build Your Bucket List

Happily living!

Gone are the days we wait until we’re dying to conquer our bucket lists!!! So lets make the list something to remember.


I must admit there is something quiet satisfying about ticking an adventure off my bucket list. This European summer I have been lucky enough to cross off a few things that I honestly thought would only ever be a dream; attend a sold out EPL game, sailing the islands of Croatia, showing my respects at Auschwitz-Birkenau, spending the day on top of the world wandering the Swiss Alps and possibly my favorite to date, swimming in the untouched waters of Krka National park. As special as they were, I have found the most unforgettable experiences are those hidden gems I have stumbled across through word of mouth or just sheer luck; a day at the picturesque Lake Bled, a day trip to Gibraltar taking selfies with wild monkies…

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