The “Stamps” Ride

Just yesterday our school took us on a bus trip and I considered myself lucky enough to be a part of it.

No one knew what it was for, till a senior told us that we were going to the town post office.  Don’t consider it to be boring ’cause it wasn’t.  I went to the post office several times but I didn’t see it from the perspective we saw yesterday.  An office employee gave us an insider tour of the post office.

First, there was the ordering counter and underground was the sorting room which delivered our letters and notices.  Nowadays we hardly send letters with the rise of e-mails and stuff! but our postal network too has an e-mailing portal.

Keeping it aside let us get on with the tour!  Then the employee took us to a conference room where they played two films(Introduction for India Posts and Philately: the king of hobbies) for creating an awareness among school  students.  Afterwards they also conducted a quiz.

I enjoyed myself a lot!


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