Antiques at it’s best


10 thoughts on “Antiques at it’s best

  1. Your artifacts are beautiful, Dipyaman! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    I see some gorgeous, what I believe are, religious Hindu statuary.

    Please tell us about the black one on the wall, and the two, reddish horsse-like antiques?


    1. Well, the there are three black ones! I’ll tell you about them all. On the first one you might see the face of a lady. She is the Buddhist Lord, Tara. One the second you might see Buddha on top and a Mahakala on the bottom. It is said that Mahakala relieved a town of Ghosts that froze their lake, Lake Gurudongmar. It still freezes but only a part of it during winter.

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      1. Thanky you, Dipyaman! I’m sooy for my delay in replying. I’m still trying to get used to WordPress and how it works. Plus I’m using it on my Nexus 5 phone which is a lot different than on a computer. Blessings in the name of Jesus!


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