Snowy Morning

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

It just happened this morning, we woke up to some snow but not to accumulations that we could boast about. There were School closings and they will be closed tomorrow too because the weather forecast calls for more snowy conditions.

It would be totally ridiculous if we were living in New York or New Jersey, but keep in mind that snow is rare in these parts of Georgia, our Counties do not have snow plows to clean up or sand/salt spreader trucks for the roads or streets. However, even if it snows 1 inch and then the weather  temperature drops suddenly, the snow would freeze and become extremely dangerous! We wouldn’t be able drive over any  icy road.

I was happy though, going out there to my backyard and clean the feeders and refill them with seeds. Immediately after I could see many birds all over the deck and surrounding areas eating. That made me…

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