A cider press at Breventec

Locksands Life

Back in 1994 – 31 years ago – we took the family camping in South Brittany. We found a quiet farm camp site at a place called Breventec about seven miles from the coast and something similar to the magnificent standing stones at Carnac.

Breventec had odd bits of old agricultural kit about the place and amongst them was this cider press.


The principle is simple. Apples are placed on the straw held in by the hefty wooden frame. The bit under the metal wheel – it looks a bit like an upside down pallet – is lowered by turning the wheel around. The apples are crushed between the two surfaces.

The straw acts like a filter or sieve. Only juice falls into the trough below from where it can be collected and fermented to produce cider. I’m guessing someone has placed an extension handle on the wheel to enable…

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