Missing you. Thinking of you. Poetry Blog


I used to write poetry a lot in highschool. In fact, it was my therapy through those crazy dark days. Those four years were the worst years of my life.

I thought today I would write a poetry blog as I reflect on my late mother. I feel her around me this past week. SO, this is for her.


Image from  http://southcreake.com/Field%20under%20blue%20skies.

Thinking of You

You carried me

Gave birth, nourished and sheltered.

You had strength, courage.

A tough polack

You paved the way, nothing stood between

But you were unhappy

Always unsatisfied with your marriage

It ended and it was inevitable

You bloomed

Developed friendships


Dressed in clothes that I would wear

You felt young and alive.

Shortly that lasted

Pain erupted and took you down

Surgery after surgery

Unable to stand ground

Med after med, pill after pill

Slurred speech and slurred words

Still having pain and suffering


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