Genetics.. It’s in you and you can’t hide from it. 


I find myself feeling trapped today. Emotions getting the best of me. Feel Haunted and trapped by my passed. Can never get away from me like it’s eating me alive.

Can’t seem to get passed all the curve balls being thrown at me. The demons that haunt my past keep reliving in my everyday moments. And I can’t fight it.

Mental illiness is genetic. And there is no fighting it. My mother suffered from severe depression especially before she died. I didn’t realize until after she died and knowing her cocktail of meds she was on. Her brother as well suffered from mental illness.

I find myself fighting my genes everyday hoping the darkness that I feel pass. Whether it’s severe anxiety or severe sadness. Or the anger that makes you want to punch walls and scream. I have had treatment before and my self coping work so…

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