A Billion Degrees Of Separation

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It was -3°C when I left for work this morning.  Cold, yes, but far from the coldest place in the country let alone the universe!

BBC Future, one of the BBC’s lesser known sections (that focuses on technology, science, and environment),  has put together a fascinating insight into the range of temperatures in our known universe.  With either end of the spectrum sensibly called “absolute cold” and “absolute hot” here’s a view of everything in between.

Click each section of the image to view full size.

A Billion Degrees Of Separationbillion degrees3billion degrees2billion degrees

Some of you, as I do, may remember the notion of absolute zero from school, -273°C , but almost all of the upper values beyond a few thousand degrees were new to me.  If you thought the Earth’s core was hot at around 6000°C, wow just look at where the temperature scale ends up – an entirely incomprehensible 1 decillion °C!

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