Autonomo 2030 Concept Press Release

This is a concept, self driven car probably publicized by 2030 with a nice design. I’m sure all of you will like it.


Autonomo is a fully autonomous vehicle designed for the year 2030 to overcome many of the major problems facing many of the world’s major cities like Los Angeles face today. Its main sources of inspiration are drawn from biomimicry, sustainability, artificial intelligence and information technology.

This concept vehicle utilizes a drive-by-wire control system that replaces traditional mechanical components and harnesses the exponential development of technology due to the power of Moore’s Law. Autonomo also uses an onboard computer system to perform the various processes involved in driving, including, but not limited to, monitoring and controlling the vehicle, perceiving the environment and various objects around it, and communicating and anticipating events in its immediate surroundings.

Autonomo uses overlapping layers of sensors to build a live feed of its environment. By combining advanced analytics with 3D data from a variety of sensors, Autonomo is able to artificially, yet accurately, understand the world…

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