Best lake picture ever (Moraine Lake Canada)

A photo should be taken from the bottom of your heart.   A great photo requires a good sense of imagination and lifestyle.  Photos that aren’t photos at all but just photo paper.  Photos that look simple but have elaborate back-stories.

The movement that saw art as primarily a way of exploring ideas. Although it often yielded nothing more than ephemeral events or experiments, its impact is all over the art world and this exhibition. Conceptual art, after all, introduced to the art world various types of photography that had been excluded or ignored, while calling attention to the fact that even photographs that seemed straightforward often demanded a second look — because nothing about making a picture using a machine and chemicals could be considered “natural.”

Photography never did simply open a window on the world; instead it created new worlds through the complex process of making images. From the very beginning, truth yielded to truthiness in the camera’s eye.


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